Why carry out a Thermographic Survey?

Why carry out a Thermographic Survey?
A Thermographic Survey enables you to detect electrical faults before the components fail. This is a non-intrusive, proactive and efficient method of supplementing your planned preventative maintenance regime. And because it’s non-intrusive, it’s fast and efficient.
At Jupiter Engineering we use the latest industry-leading cameras and software to produce high-precision reports that clearly identify any problems so you can take immediate action without all the added disruption of invasive exploration.

All our Thermographers are trained to ensure that images are interpreted correctly and thoroughly.

We provide detailed online reports which highlight any potential defects, enabling the correct investigation and repairs to be carried out.

What we do

Thermal scanning of electrical systems by certified and professional thermal imaging surveyors results in major cost savings for our clients by reducing breakdowns and eliminating fire risks.

Thermal scanning of electrical systems can include the following equipment:

  • Switchboards & switch panels
  • Distribution boards / consumer units / fuse boards
  • Contactors, switchgear & control systems
  • Terminal connections & junction boxes
  • Control panels
  • Busbar systems & Tap Off Boxes
  • Power factor correction systems & controls
  • UPS and battery systems
  • Motor control centres
  • Electrical & electronic components
  • PLC connections