What are the benefits of going electric?

  • Increase footfall and revenue – make your location a destination that electric vehicle drivers habitually visit
  • Evolve your business in line with EV adoption
  • Create a loyal customer base
  • Use flexible pricing models that suit your business requirements

Managing Your Destination Charging Infrastructure

  • Destination charging shouldn’t be complicated, allow electric vehicle drivers to access charge points seamlessly using App integration. All driver payments can be completed with a smartphone.
  • Monetise your charging system with a flexible pricing model that best suits your business. Whether you’re looking to provide free charging to attract customers or set usage fees to generate profit.
  • Connect up to 30 charge points, allowing you to scale your charging infrastructure in line with the widespread adoption of EVs.
  • Monitor the live power usage of your building and automatically adjust the charging rates to get the most out of the site’s energy supply as possible. Remove the need for expensive power upgrades and ensure all electric vehicles are charged safely.
  • Control your charging infrastructure from your desktop or smartphone. Login securely from anywhere in the world and put power to your fingertips.
  • Run remote diagnostics and fault resolution. Custom notifications ensure you can identify and resolve issues before drivers attempt to plug-in.

What products are available?

Single / Twin Wall Mounted Socket:

  • Connects to all electric vehicles
  • Comes without a cable
  • Available as 3.6, 7 or 22kW

We can provide you with a simple plug and play solution, or you can upgrade to a communicating unit which allows for additional back office management, monitoring and control.

Floor Mounted Twin Sockets

  • Ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously
  • Available as 3.6kW, 7kW or 22kW
  • Compatible with a Pay-As-You-Go system, generating
    revenue to the host

The duel charge floor mounted unit is a robust and ideal solution for any business in need of more than one electric vehicle charging socket. If your setup requires the charge point to be floor mounted, then this is the perfect solution.

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