Foxtons came to us with the initial brief of installing 8 no. and 9 no. EV charging units at their respective sites. They wanted a flexible system that allowed for them to upscale and futureproof their sites (with the ability to install additional units), as well as being able to manage the usage, set and control pricing and optimise their EV fleet.

Due to the number of chargers Foxtons wanted to install, it was decided that Pod Point Solo charging units and accompanying Array System would allow for sufficient charging/load balancing as well as the prospect of upscaling in the future. The back-office Management Information System would also allow for the required optimisation, reporting and control needed for them to keep track of the company fleet.


The Array Charging load balances charge points with the available power supply, allowing them to install more units on that supply:

  • Fit up to 27 charging sockets per 100A Three-Phase supply
  • Limit expensive power upgrades by efficiently using existing power supply
  • Enables reduced cost-per-bay as you expand
    Smart Reporting via Pod Points (MIS) Management Information System allows businesses to understand how drivers use their chargers:
  • Records every charge made on your network and its associated energy use and costs.
  • Choose tariffs for specific groups; set pricing by session time, kWh consumed and vary by time and day
  • Receive data management for reporting and planning
  • Set private and public networks